Wednesday, April 11, 2012

So let it be? Or not?

I had a rough weekend, but then again, that doesn't sound very new does it?
Life has its ups and downs. 
I just wish I have already figured out what's the key to be happy longer,
carefree, excited, grateful, whatever you name it.

It was hard to admit that I've always been like this.
It's even harder to admit it to my family,
but at the same time it was torturing not to tell them everything on the inside.
I love my family so much.
I could never want to hurt them intentionally.
If I do, I would regret it greatly moments later.

Reading Zach Porter's blog always gives me a sense of hope.
That's how magical his blog posts are haha.

I believe he's more than a lead singer in a band,
he's an inspiration to so many of us.
I would give [almost] anything just to meet him and have a deep conversation with him.
The things he wrote is refreshing,
often I keep seeing people tweeting that he should write a book.
I agree.
He really should.



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